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Electronic Torque Wrench aims to improve accuracy

The new GearWrench Electronic Torque Wrench is designed to help you tighten bolts to the right tension through the use of visual, aural and tactile alerts.

The user selects a specific target torque value using the LCD screen and the wrench then notifies them via the Target Torque Alert (TTA).

As the torque approaches the optimal level as set by the operator, the TTA will give an accelerating beeping sound. Then when the optimal torque is reached the handle will vibrate, a beep tone will sound and a solid red LED light will be shown on the screen.

“When it comes to accuracy, you can’t do much better than 20% to 100% of full scale,” GearWrench says. “The ETW’s counterclockwise accuracy is a low ±3%, and an even lower ±2% clockwise, to dramatically increase precision.” 

The ETW features 72-tooth gearing and a 5-degree ratcheting arc for greater access when working in confined spaces and compromising angles.

The wrench is available in two sizes:

  • ⅜” Drive Electronic Torque Wrench – 30-340Nm (7.4-99.6 ft-lb) RRP $403.75
  • ½” Drive Electronic Torque Wrench – 10-135Nm (25.1-250.8 ft-lb) RRP $437.55


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