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VIDEO: Enerpac provides integrated solutions for mining industry

Global industrial tool business Enerpac is determined to establish itself apart from being just another power tool distributor.

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On top of offering quality bolting and hydraulic tools; pumps, presses etc to the mining market, Enerpac National Sales Manager Darryl Lange says the company also aims to provide integrated solutions to the industry.

“Where there are special applications whereby customers might need to lift, lower, push or pull an item which you can’t use standard equipment for, we’re able to manufacture and assemble a whole number of components for the customer,” Lange says when interviewed at the Asia Pacific International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) 2013 in August.

“This is done by computerised systems.”

Watch as Enerpac demonstrates its computerised system and Lange talks about Enerpac’s up and coming Pow’r Lock mining vehicle lifting tool.

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