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Enerpac releases portable hydraulic power set

Enerpac has released the Porta Power set, a portable hydraulic power kit designed for maintenance jobs across a wide range of industries including construction, mining, metalworking and manufacturing.

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Designed as a portable power solution for maintenance jobs requiring hydraulic power, the set contains a hydraulic cylinder (ranging from 10-45 tonnes, depending on type), a P392 hand pump, pressure gauge and a 1.8m hose all housed within a durable plastic case.

“Porta Power sets are great for maintenance jobs that can frequently be done far more safely and quickly with portable hydraulic power,” Enerpac national sales manager Darryl Lange says.

The cylinder included with the kit can be any one of three Enerpac cylinder types: general purpose, low height or Flat-Jac. Which cylinder you need will be determined by the requirements of the job and the space available on the jobsite.

General purpose cylinders are available in hundreds of configurations with different force capacities, stroke lengths and height restrictions. These are designed to meet the widest range of industry needs.

Low-height cylinders are built to provide the maximum power to height ratio and are ideal for confined spaces where other cylinders will not fit. The Flat-Jac cylinder is another type of low-height cylinder engineered with mounting holes for easy installation.

The P392 hydraulic hand pump included with the kit has a two-speed pumping design which lowers handle effort and reduces operator fatigue. Enerpac claims this design reduces the handle strokes needed by as much as 78 percent of single-speed pumps.

All tools in the Porta Power kit are compatible with the broader range of 700 bar (10,000PSI) hydraulic equipment from Enerpac.


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