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Equipment focus: Doherty Snaplock+ Tilt coupler

The Doherty Snaplock+ Tilt is a quick coupler that can rotate excavator attachments up to 180 degrees, improving both safety and efficiency by allowing crews to work in tight areas without having to move the machine around.

The coupler uses a Dual Pin Locking (DPL) system to ensure attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force. 

Taking safety a step further is a keypad-activated lock/unlock system which replaces the traditional ‘missile’ style or toggle switch and effectively eliminates the possibility of knocking the release switch.

The four-digit code locking system effectively prevents accidental activation, says Doherty, a New Zealand-based company with a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia.

One company which has bought into the safety aspect of the Doherty Snaplock+ Tilt coupler is Melbourne-based plumbing and civil construction company Apex Plumbing, which is using one on a 14-tonne Kobelco SK135 excavator. 

“It is important for my business to keep our staff safe at all times,” Apex owner Jordan Coote says.  “The keypad locking system on the Snaplock+ is also a great safety feature.

 “I also went with Doherty for the quality and ease of use,” he adds.  “Overall, my operators and I think the Snaplock+ Tilt is a great addition to the Kobelco SK135.”

Coote has a team of six full-time operators who he says are skilled at undertaking a wide range of projects such as the Donnybrook train station car park as well as general drainage work.

Doherty says it is one of the few manufacturers globally to offer quick couplers which are fully compliant to the Australian AS4772-208 standard, the European EN474 standard, forthcoming ISO international standards and all major contractor policies. 

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