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Equipment focus: Liebherr R 9150 excavator

Construction and mining contractor Watpac has taken delivery of Australia’s first Liebherr R 9150 excavator to carry out load and haul duties at its mining operation at Mount Magnet, WA.

The machine weighs in at 128 tonnes in its backhoe configuration and 130 tonnes when the bucket is attached. The big excavator is suited to loading trucks in the 50-135 tonne range.

Powered by a 565kW Liebherr V12 diesel engine, the R 9150 has plenty of grunt and has been designed to withstand extreme external temperatures and high altitudes with low atmospheric pressure.

Liebherr says the R 9150 is manufactured from robust components developed in-house to ensure maximum compatibility. The excavator is mounted on an enlarged fatigue-resistant undercarriage, designed to protect machine components from damage.

“An important consideration for Watpac is the robust configuration of the R 9150 excavator’s undercarriage, designed for deep-pit conditions, where fresh rock poses a real threat in damaging the machine,” Watpac mining manager Brendan Vaughn says.

An oversized, 8.3-cubic-metre bucket coupled with the R 9150’s closed-loop hydraulic swing circuit delivers improved cycle times over its predecessor and greater fuel efficiency as energy is not being lost.

The operators’ cab is mounted on ‘silent block’ designed to reduce vibration and limit noise within the cab. Tinted laminated safety glass protects the operator on all sides. A range of modern comforts make the job easier for the operator including an adjustable air-suspension seat, full A/C with dust filter, sun blinds, reading light and a bottle cooler.

All maintenance points have been grouped together on one side of the machine, with large catwalks and walkways providing access. A centralised single-line lubrication system services the entire attachment and swing ring, simplifying the lubrication process.


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