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Equipment focus: New Holland B90B backhoe loader

A late-model New Holland B90B backhoe loader has made road construction owner/operator Phil Vassallo’s life a lot easier than it was when he started off 40 years ago.

Vassallo says he clearly remembers the week he started working in earthmoving game as it coincided with the November 1975 dismissal of prime minister Gough Whitlam. Now, four decades and eight prime ministers later, he says the B90B he bought through Melbourne Tractors is the best backhoe he’s owned.

“My company, P&M Vassallo, mainly works in road construction in new residential subdivisions all over Melbourne, a job that I have been doing for almost 40 years now,” Vasallo says. “I bought my New Holland B90B Backhoe back in September 2013, and the machine has been working great ever since.

“I’ve used a range of backhoes over the years, but this machine has a number of new features that help make my work easier, including a simple-to-operate a 4-in-1 bucket, electric over hydraulic controls and excellent traction even in the worst conditions thanks to its fully lockable differential.

“Another great feature of the B90B is the really comfortable cabin,” he adds. “I am in that seat all day, so the air conditioned cabin is perfect.

“The best feature on this machine is how the bonnet easily slips off allowing me to quickly check all the fluids. On their older backhoe models, you had to start the machine before you could do this, but now, it’s just a matter of slipping the bonnet back, checking the fluids and off I go.”

Other features of the New Holland machine which Vassallo likes are the rubber pads under the stabilisers to reduce ground damage, a Powershift transmission, a joystick-mounted loader float function that makes for easy levelling, increased bucket retention due to the Glide Ride, and shorter cycle times through an Automatic Return-to-Dig button and no loader arm bounce.

Last but not least, Vassallo says that, because of its 100 per cent lockable differential, the B90B Backhoe handles more like a wheel loader than a traditional backhoe.

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