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Tru-Shu has come up with a cost-effective solution to the decades’ old problem of brake shoes twisting out the side of the drum and needing premature replacing


FOR TOO LONG the industry has had to put up with brake shoes that twist out the side of the drum and need premature replacing.

Excluding the cost of downtime, of $1,000, usually closer to $1,500 as drums will need replacing when this problem occurs.

Although not all brakes will do this, the problem can happen on a new trailer on the first set of brakes. Braking capacity is reduced, and the truck or trailer will have defects once the brake shoe is out of alignment.

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You only need one of your brakes to do this. In addition to unnecessary replacement, the S-Cam can come loose as a result, smashing into the drum bolts and disintegrating them onto the road.

Not happy to put up with an unsatisfactory outcome, Ken, Gordon and the team at Tru-Shu got to work to find a solution.

After a few years of experimentation an effective solution was found!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t cost effective, so the work continued. The final result is the product now known as Tru-Shu – a patented, tested and engineer-approved solution to a decades’ old problem.

A simple-to-apply, one-off remedy. For an outlay of a few hundred dollars per trailer the problem is instantly eliminated. Not just reduced, but gone for good! Whenever brakes are replaced the Tru-Shu will bolt back on with only the addition of new single-use bolts.

This will probably be the best return-on-investment decision you are ever likely to make.

Consider the costs that will no longer occur:

  • All too common, unnecessary brake shoe replacement
  • Frustrating downtime
  • Disruptive major defects
  • Occasional major damage to brakes and axles from S-Cam detachment.

All these benefits for the price of a night out with the family! Now you will be able to afford to do that every week!

Even if your brakes have started to twist out the side of the drum the application of Tru-Shu will pull them back into alignment without the need for replacing the brake shoes or drums.

The shoes will bed back in and you will get maximum wear out of what is left.

Putting off the decision is only costing you money! Don’t wait until the problem has started, if you are familiar with this problem you will know, if it is not already happening, it is just around the corner.

The best value is to add Tru-Shu from new or insist your new trailer comes with it as standard.

That way you will gain maximum usage and your brakes will be the best they can be.

Tru-Shu makes any axle a premium axle. Whether you have one truck or a fleet, savings are significant and the outlay is miniscule.

Tru-Shu: more braking, less replacing!

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