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Excavator Parts adds second wrecking yard

Excavator Parts has added a second wrecking yard and a sandblasting facility, as well as expanded its stock with new final drives to suit machines up to 70 tonnes

Based in Wauchope, NSW, Excavator Parts has been operating as a family-run business for more than 10 years.

Expansion has been on the cards for a while now, with the business recently adding a second wrecking yard in the town, located 20km from Port Macquarie.

Also new to the business is an industrial-sized sandblasting facility, allowing Excavator Parts to sandblast final drives and parts on site.

Providing power to turn the tracks of an excavator, final drives can be stripped, rebuilt and tested within the business.

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Excavator Parts is now also stocking final drives for one-tonne, all the way up to 70-tonne machines.

“These particular sized machines are rare, and we are lucky enough to be one of the only businesses within Australia currently to have these in stock,” Excavator Parts’ Rebeka Jilg says of the 70-tonne final drive addition.

Working with heavy machinery parts, Jilg says the family-run business does what it can to reduce its waste footprint.

“We provide a final drive exchange basis with some parts. This in turn reduces costs, saving customers money, reducing waste to environment and recycling particular items for reuse in the future,” she says.

Customer and supplier relationships are of the highest importance to Excavator Parts, allowing the business to thrive on the mid north coast.

“All our work is of the highest standard to provide our customers with the best quality parts and services available,” Jilg says.

Excavator Parts stocks final drives for one to 70-tonne machines. Image: Excavator Parts

Being a small family-run business does not limit Excavator Parts. Jilg says it has provided goods all around the world including America, the United Kingdom and Papua New Guinea.

Excavator Parts is your go-to business for all heavy machinery parts, with the company’s mechanics having extensive knowledge in this sector of machinery.

For more information check out the Excavator Parts website:

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