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Excavator Parts’ connection with 4×4 racing

The dirt is flying at Excavator Parts, with plans for an expansion of its yard underway as well as father and son Peter and Jayden Jilg putting their skills to the test in the high-speed world of 4x4 racing

After Excavator Parts’ brush with the Marvel Universe last year, which saw one of its excavators used in the filming of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, it seems film is in the blood, with company director Peter Jilg appearing in the short film ‘Terrain Tamer – Dust Up’.

The second in the Fast Parts series filmed by Victorian 4WD parts dealer Terrain Tamer, it focuses on the world of 4WD racing – a particular passion for Peter and his son Jayden.

Outside of the day-to-day of selling new and used excavator parts from their base in Wauchope on NSW’s mid north coast, Peter and Jayden are the driver and navigator for the Jilg Racing team, participating in 4WD and Ultra4 buggy endurance events across Australia.

Since 2019, the pair have taken part in off-roading challenges such as Ultra4 Australia and Cliffhanger – handling everything from winch climbs and creek runs to week-long navigation races in the Cobar desert.

“Dad used to race years and years ago down in Victoria in a few small competitions,” Jayden says of how the business got involved in sponsoring its own racing team.

“Back in 2019 we decided to get involved because we knew a few guys that did similar events and were keen to get back into it.

“We ended up finding one of the cars that we have from a company down in Victoria that do 4WD parts and, from there, we started the winch challenges and 4WD endurance events.”

This first car was an old Nissan Patrol, which was cut in half and a roll cage built inside. Larger wheels and a host of personal modifications by the Excavator Parts team turned this SUV into a winch track racer.

“We then bought an Ultra4 buggy, which is for more serious off-roading,” Jayden says.

“It’s got 40-inch tyres on and is basically a tube cage with specialised suspension, which means it’s built for more high-speed rock crawling. We pretty much pulled the whole thing down and rebuilt it – added our own touch to it.”

At the time of speaking, the team was preparing for the second round of Ultra4 Australia near Warwick, QLD, with Cliffhanger taking place in October. This year Excavator Parts will be sponsoring Cliffhanger, which calls itself the “big daddy of Australian 4×4 racing”.

“We’ve always had like a passion for 4WD and motorsports,” Jayden says, “so we thought: ‘Why not give it a try, see how we go?’

“It helps us get the business name out there as well.”

It sounds like things are just as fast-paced in the yard, with Jayden saying that the parts business “just keeps getting bigger and bigger”.

“There’s always more demand for it. We’ve got something like 80 or so machines spread throughout the yard. They just keep coming in and we keep pushing them out.

“We’ve actually got two yards at moment, so one where the warehouse is and one over the way that’s getting developed. It should be done at the end of this year/start of next year and is the same size as the yard we currently have, so we’re just trying to fit everything in.”

Best of luck to the Jilg Racing team!

For more info on Excavator Parts, visit the website To see Jilg Racing’s 4×4 antics, check out Facebook @JILG Racing and Instagram @jilg_racing.

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