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FAE releases new road planers for skid steers

FAE’s new road planer offering goes up to 150cm wide with dual transmission

FAE has announced the Australian release of its new RPL/SSL/DT cold planers for road repair.

The road’s surface is scraped and cut by the impact of special teeth that are attached to the rotor and with a layout that was specifically designed by FAE to improve performance and reduce vibration.

The RPL/SSL/DT can be used for road preparation for resurfacing roads before applying a new layer of asphalt or concrete or to simplify excavation operations.

The RPL/SSL/DT, compatible with 90–135hp (67–101kW) skid steers, can scarify and mill down to 14cm deep.
The head comes standard with state-of-the-art technological features and the combination of self-levelling skids and tilt ensures optimal results even on uneven surfaces.

The hydraulic drive system – which makes it possible to work right up against a wall or curb on the right or left – as well as cutting depth indicators, improve precision.

The dual transmission guarantees optimal power supply and distribution across the entire width of the rotor.

The RPL/SSL/DT’s standard hydraulic and electrical equipment make it ideal for ‘plug & play’ pairing with the leading skid steers on the market.

The line is completed with teeth specifically designed for asphalt and concrete road surfaces.

The new 100 and 125cm heads are available now, and the 150cm model will be available in the latter half of 2023.

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