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FAE releases RPL/EX road planer

FAE’s new road planer has been designed for excavators

FAE’s new RPL/EX road planer for excavators is based on cold planer technology.

With cold planer technology, the road’s surface is scraped and cut by the impact of special teeth attached to the rotor. The RPL/EX has a layout designed to increase performance and reduce vibration, FAE says.

With these features, the RPL/EX for excavators can prepare roads for resurfacing and is compatible with excavators from 8 to 14 tons (7.3 to 12.7 tonnes), can mill up to 13.5cm deep and has a width of 45cm.

The head comes standard with state-of-the-art technological and structural features. These include an adjustable hydraulic base that allows the operator to manage the machine’s working depth with precision, a wide-stroke self-leveling system to keep the head properly aligned while in operation and an adjustable right skid that allows the operator to keep the head aligned in overlaps. It also has specially designed teeth specifically for use on asphalt and concrete road surfaces.

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