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FAE unveils new skid steer mulchers

Mulching equipment manufacturer FAE has launched a new range of mulchers which it claims are the smallest skid steer models in the industry with fixed hammers and reversible blades.

The product was released in November last year at the EIMA International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, in Bologna Italy. The new DML/SSL range was a redesign of the UML/SSL universal mulcher models, and was based on the DML/HY hydraulic mulcher concept.

According to FAE, the new range caters to contractors who do not own skid steers with the horsepower needed to run the bigger UML/SSL mulchers.

The new unit is aimed at middle sized skid steers from 40-90 horsepower and comes in two versions with cutting widths of 1250mm and 1500mm. It is also equipped with a variable displacement hydraulic piston motor which can be set to a flow ranging from 50 to 130 liters/min at 180-250 bar.

The mulcher also comes equipped with a pushing frame to fell standing trees, a hydraulic front door and Hardox counter blades to control the particle size of the mulched material.

FAE claims the E type blades installed on the mulchers are aggressive enough to guarantee fine mulch even when handling grassy and bushy type material. On top of that, they are reversible to allow a double use.

Main technical features of the new mulchers are as below:

  • Double cage frame and complete closed design with inspection doors.
  • Rotor with E hammers and Hardox breaker bars type L.
  • Adjustable pushing frame with horizontal reinforcement lube.
  • Boxed-in, reinforced skids.
  • Plug-and-play diverter valve kit to open the front hydraulic door.
  • Oversized rotor bearings.
  • A complete range of variable displacement hydraulic piston motors from 17cc to 65 cc.
  • Two-directional anticavitation and check valve block.
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