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Feature-packed Bobcat S450 skid-steer comes to Australia

Clark Equipment has announced the availability of the new Bobcat S450, a skid-steer loader with improved power, speed, safety and operator comfort.

Replacing the Bobcat S130, which Clark describes as “the contractor’s machine of choice”, the radius-lift-path S450 has higher auxiliary pressures and lower operating weight than its predecessor, plus increased travel speed when equipped with an optional two-speed drive system.

Its rated operating capacity is 608kg.

The skid-steer loader has a 1.8-litre, non-diesel particulate filter (non-DPF) engine that is Tier 4 compliant and delivers 36.5kW (49hp).

Bobcat, which recently cracked down on the misuse of its name, says the machine is designed for a wide variety of tasks, from excavating, grading and loading to cleaning sheds, moving pallets, clearing land, feeding cattle or planting trees. At about 1.5m wide, it’s particularly well suited to working in confined spaces.

Having built over a million units, Bobcat has a wealth of experience to draw on when it comes to operator comfort and safety. The S450 features a new cab-forward design for greater visibility, a 45-percent-larger cab door, a sealed and pressurised cab to minimise dirt and dust, and the option of air conditioning.

The internal area of the cab has been increased by 10 percent compared to the S130 model, resulting in more space around the operator. The cab side windows have been moved to the outside of the cab, contributing to the increase in interior space and also making them easier to clean.

In addition, the threshold of the cab door has been lowered and the size of the cab door opening has been increased, making it easier for operators to enter and exit the cab.

Bobcat has also improved visibility in this model by making the roof window 40 percent larger and enlarging the lower side screen by more than 16 percent to improve the view to the tyres. To the rear, the window size has been increased by 14 percent and the rear screen and cooling package have been lowered.

Attachment performance on this machine is improved through a higher-pressure (3,300 psi) hydraulic system. Changes to the hydraulic components and hose and tube line routings have been designed to allow the use of straight fittings instead of adjustable fittings, while the number of hydraulic connections has also been reduced.

The S450 can travel at a top speed of 11.5km/h in low mode and 15km/h in high mode when equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJCs).

Among the skid-steer loader’s other new features are:

  • New frame and lift arms for greater durability in heavy-duty applications.
  • Integrated rear bumper, which extends beyond the frame to protect the tailgate.
  • Automatic drive belt tensioner.
  • New lift arm design for flatter lift curve and use of dual tilt cylinders.
  • Improved machine shutdown protection.

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