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MB Crusher MB-R900 twin header The MB-R900 made short work of the cement layer MB Crusher MB-R900 twin header

Industrial recycling firm ERA has been using MB Crusher twin headers (also known as drum cutters) to demolish an old bridge on the famous AVUS motorway in Berlin, Germany.

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Located in Berlin’s south-western suburbs, the ‘Automobil-Verkehrs- und Ubungsstrasse’ (Automobile traffic and training road), also known as the AVUS, is the oldest controlled-access highway (usually called a freeway in Australia) in Europe.

From its opening in 1921 right up until 1998, the AVUS was also periodically closed to the public and used as a motor racing circuit. However, difficulties with traffic management led to the eventual discontinuation of racing at the circuit in the 1990s.

Today, the road forms part of Germany’s Bundesautobahn 115 (Federal Highway 115).

The bridge in question was opened in 1938, but has recently been made obsolete by the construction of a new bridge nearby. The old bridge had to come down and ERA was adamant it did not want to disrupt traffic during demolition.

In order to achieve this ERA decided to deconstruct the bridge in layers. The group used compact precision-cutting equipment to grind and collect each layer of material, which was then either reused on different projects or sent for dumping.

This method allowed for the gradual removal of the bridge without the need to stop the traffic below.

The bridge removal was carried out in two broad steps. The first involved the removal of a 36cm-thick top layer of cement, which was then recycled as filling material. The second was the removal of the underlying layer of tar. The tar could not be recycled and was sent for dumping after removal.

Larger MB Crusher drum cutters were used for primary demolition on each of the layers, then secondary demolition was carried out by smaller MB cutter models to avoid too much stress on the structure. Specifically, the ERA team used the MB-R800 and MB-R900 cutters.

The two models both feature MB’s direct drive twin motor system, which allows for different levels of power directed to the two individual cutting heads.

This means that, in situations dealing with material of varying hardness, the cutting heads can adapt and apply power proportional to the hardness. The company says this improves machine stability and reduces stress on the excavator arm.


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