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Razorback Grinder Company owner David Stubbs says those needing green waste dealt with in a reliable and cost-effective manner will be impressed at what can now be provided to the market.

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The Razorback horizontal green waste grinder tackles even the toughest hardwoods and is priced at $594,000 plus GST.

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"A new high-tech manufacturing plant has allowed us to hit the market with the Razorback horizontal grinder — a serious contractor’s track-mounted green waste grinder — at $594,000 plus GST," he says.

"That’s about $200,000 less than has been the case previously, so we are confident that operators needing one will be very pleased. This is an introductory offer and is so far under the market price that it’s not funny.

"Razorback have a new factory and Hi-Tech equipment that allows me to supply them to the market at a much cheaper rate, with no compromise on the quality that we are known and trusted for.

"Combine that with local backup and 80 machines out in the marketplace over the last 30 years and you are onto a winner."

The main thing that sets Razorback Grinder Organisation apart from other suppliers is the fact that it can provide after sales support to its Australian customers and can be called on at any time and provide spare parts quickly if and when they are needed — without the inevitable delays of dealing with offshore equipment suppliers.

South of Perth, Western Tree Recyclers have four of Razorback grinders and would not have anything else. Just ask them.

Western Tree Recyclers owners Terry Ellery and Kim Down say they have been a godsend and are essentially the only machines that can take on even the toughest of Western Australian Gumwood, such as Eucalyptus gomphocephala (Tuart).

"They are very reliable machines. It’s hard to find grinder that can handle some of the hard woods that we have over here, so it didn’t take us long to order more," he says.

Australian Native Landscapes is another company that use Razorback grinders to tackle some of its toughest jobs and Stubbs says that they currently have eight of his grinders in action.

Razorback grinders come in 540hp to 700hp options and are available on both wheels and tracks.

There’s plenty more happening for the company as well. 

"I was looking for an excavator and Mick Turner from Tuff Buckets supplied all of the attachments," Stubbs explains.

"He also did me a great favour and pushed me into a Doosan excavator — it’s an amazing machine and the pricing was crazy.

"Mick talked me into making an excavator-mounted forest mulcher and we put it on the Doosan.

"We used our Greenwaste Grinder experience in this model and the results are great and we are now in production and marketing this under the Tuff Buckets Banner."

Tuff Buckets will be releasing a remote-controlled 300hp Track Mounted Forest Mulcher at Agquip in August.


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