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By: Anjali Behl, Photography by: Thomas Wielecki

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Knocking down four houses a week can be a tough job but not when you combine the expertise of highly trained professionals at Rix Group and the efficiency of excavating technology from Hyundai

The Hyundai R145CRD-9 excavator demolishing houses
"This one is purely a demolition machines," says Antony Collon

(Sponsored Content) Sydney-based Rix Group’s ever expanding portfolio of works means the company has recently purchased the Hyundai R145CRD-9 excavator.

The machine was put to use almost immediately, knocking down an average of four houses a week. Rix Group operations manager Antony Collon, who drives the machine every day, is very pleased with the brand new excavator.

"This one is purely a demolition machine. We’ve already put it to use and it will continue to be used every day. I’m very happy with it. It is much superior to the previous machines we’ve owned and operated. It’s an extremely quiet, versatile and reliable machine. It’s a pleasure to drive it every day."

Since joining the Rix Group two years ago, Collon has not only operated various excavators in the company fleet, he has also played a huge role in picking the new machine.

"I’ve been in demolition space for 20 years. I used to own an earthmoving company where I purchased all the machines myself so I had plenty of experience with not only operating excavators but the understanding that goes in choosing the right fit for various earthmoving business needs," he says.

"The Rix Group is a one-stop ground engineering services provider. Rix’s experienced team operate specialised equipment assets of the highest standards, using the latest technology to ensure successful delivery of an ever-expanding range of works from demolition to site remediation, excavation to piling, shotcrete, architectural shotcrete, ground engineering, slope stabilisation, asset maintenance, mining, tunnelling, underground construction and more.

"As a result, Rix offers a unique service to its clients, with all works delivered to the highest quality, carried out completely inhouse by skilled and experienced crews. We have highly trained and qualified people in our team so we don’t have the need to use sub-contractors for our jobs."

The Hyundai's bucket capacity is 0.52 cubic metres
The Hyundai's bucket capacity is 0.52 cubic metres


"Although Rix has 40 excavators in its fleet, including a 30-tonne and 32-tonne Hyundai, this is the first of the brand in this size and configuration. The two other Hyundai excavators are excellent machines and that’s why I suggested going with Hyundai again because I know they make good, reliable and versatile machines that suit our needs," Collon adds.

The new Hyundai R145CRD-9 has a Mitsubishi Tier III D04FD-TAA engine with an operating weight of 14,600kg and bucket capacity of 0.52 cubic metres. Improved hydraulic system technologies make Hyundai 9 series excavators faster, smoother and easier to control.

The advanced CAPO (Computer Aided Power Optimization) system harmonises the engine horsepower and hydraulic horsepower, adjusting settings to provide the precise flow balance for the boom and swing motions of the machine. This helps maximise both performance and productivity.

Like all Hyundai 9 series excavators, R145CR-9 is engineered to be extremely fuel efficient. Innovations like two-stage auto decel system and the economy mode help conserve fuel.

The newly-designed cabin of the Hyundai R145CRD-9 was planned to add more space, a wider field of vision and operator comfort. The clear and open interiors provide increased visibility from the cab. For Collon, this is one of the best features.

"The cabin is very spacious; it’s got lots of room. The machine itself is very powerful, has extremely good vision all around, which is crucial for demolition work. Additionally, the machine is very well-built, with thick panels.

In fact the panels are much thicker and studier than any of the machines we’ve used so far," he says.

CAPO provides precise flow balance for the boom and swing motions of the machine
CAPO provides precise flow balance for the boom and swing motions of the machine

R145CR-9’s short (1480mm) tail swing radius offers excellent performance in confined areas such as close to buildings on roadways, and in urban areas. The compact radius design provides easy and efficient operation in any limited space work environment.

Another plus is the extended life components not unlike any other excavator in the 9 series. The R145CR-9 too features bushings that are designed for extended lube intervals (250 hours) and ultra-high molecular weight polymer shims that are both wear-resistant and noise-reducing, extended life hydraulic filters (1,000 hours), long-life hydraulic oil (5,000 hours), more efficient cooling systems and integrated preheating systems. All these features work in harmony to extend service intervals, minimise operating costs and reduce machine down time.

Once Collon and his team had decided which machine to get, they did research on where we source the machine from and that’s when they decided to go with Porter Group.

"We did a lot of price comparison and Porter Equipment Australia offered us the best bang for the buck. They put together an extremely good deal for us. The trade-in price was excellent. They have a very professional team of people working for them, who made our experience with them fabulous," he says.

Collon says the communication and after sales support from Porter Group territory manager – Sydney South Dino Williams has been first rate.

Even though the machine is brand new and Antony’s team has only been using it for two weeks, he feels that it is good to know that they have the reliable support of Porter Equipment in case they need to call on expert support.

Porter Equipment’s Service Division provides after-market support, with a diverse range of service capabilities including quick response repairs, routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, service agreements, product training, induction courses and remanufacturing.

Highly trained technicians and service teams are part of a network ensuring that customers’ construction machinery downtime is kept to a minimum, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

The R145CR-9 excavator on site
The R145CR-9, like all Hyundai 9 series excavators, is engineered to be extremely fuel efficient

Porter Equipment is backed by its own dedicated Service Division, providers of expert advice and factory-backed technical support for all of Porter Group’s brands and products. Porter Equipment’s Service Division is authorised, trained and accredited by the manufacturers to repair and service the engines, transmissions and hydraulic components used in franchise equipment.

After sales performance is supported by extensive resources such as computerised diagnostic systems, a large fleet of mobile response units, dedicated service vehicles, remanufacturing facilities, welding fabrication and engineering workshops."

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