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Norris Construction Group in Geelong says Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control has been key to the company’s growth

Norris Construction
Group has eight IMC machines from Komatsu – ranging from dozers to excavators
Norris Construction Group has eight IMC machines from Komatsu – ranging from dozers to excavators

Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) is being used to drive a 20–30 per cent increase in productivity by construction company Norris Construction Group, Komatsu has announced.

A group of young operators – the youngest is just 20 – have taken the opportunity on

Komatsu’s in-cabin IT processes as a means of streamlining jobs and substantially increasing efficiency.

Norris Construction Group, operating out of Geelong, has eight IMC machines – ranging from dozers to excavators – at the core of its 36-vehicle Komatsu fleet.

Tim Norris, 48, the  second-generation  owner of Norris Construction Group, credits the advent of IMC as the most startling innovation of the decade and the root cause of his expansion.

"You just don’t make mistakes – the job is there on the screen in front of the operator when he climbs on board," Norris says.

"Where a foreman might forget to give an instruction, the entire sequence of activity in an IMC machine is outlined and continually updated for the operator.

"It enables us to work when inclement weather prevails because it eliminates the need for a person on the ground."

Norris, who joined the family firm when he was 25 and fresh out of university with a degree in Commerce, hesitates to compare ‘old ways’

to those that are available now, but he does acknowledge that it takes young people to get the best out of the intelligent machinery.

"The younger generation has a strong grasp of technology," he says.

"Aided by IMC they can think three of four days ahead on any job – plotting the best way for a work program to proceed. It’s not just a case of following the orders on the screen."

Norris joined his father’s firm after a downturn required an alternative approach.

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