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VIDEO: Financing your heavy equipment

What do you need to do to get your equipment financed? What are your options? We spoke to equipment finance expert Centrepoint Finance to find out for you.

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As easy as it may be to settle with your primary bank for your equipment finance, sometimes it’s the brokers who can work out the best options to suit your business requirements, says Centrepoint Finance.

As General Manager for Sales and Credit Ian Elkner explains, banks may be keen to finance equipment purchases but they may also tie up other security held with them that could restrict future core borrowing needs.

He adds banks sometimes also require more financial information than you really need to provide.

Finance brokers, on the other hand, have connections with a wide range of financial institutions therefore access to a wide range of finance options and interest rates.

Watch the video as Ian explains what your possible finance options are, what are the steps involved in securing your equipment finance, and what sets Centrepoint Finance apart from the rest.  

Interested in receiving a quote from Centrepoint Finance or work out your possible repayments? Visit our finance guide to find out more.  

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