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Firstgreen Industries launches electric skid steers

Firstgreen Industries has launched its latest line up of electric and cabinless skid steer loaders to the US market – dubbed ‘Rockeat’

Firstgreen Industries’ Rockeat electric and cabinless skid steer loaders are designed to improve safety in hazardous industries such as critical mining and construction, the company says.

The line-up includes the 700 and 1200 skid steers that are 1.7m and 1.8m wide and have a load capacity of 680kg and 1,497kg, respectively, and are compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries.

Designed with a low clearance and a 360-degree camera, Firstgreen says the skid steers reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on job sites through its cabinless design and remote operability.

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As an all-electric machine, the Rockeat skid steers produce zero carbon emissions and near silent operation, making them suited to indoor use and noise-restricted areas.

“We are thrilled to introduce Rockeat skid steers to the US market, which represents a significant leap forward in safety and sustainability for traditionally dangerous, high-emission industries like construction and mining” Firstgreen Industries North America chief operating officer Marcus Suess says.

“With continued national support to accelerate the expansion of critical mineral mining projects on home soil, we take great pride in offering a solution that not only addresses pressing environmental concerns but also contributes to the resurgence of homegrown industry.”

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