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Flexible precoating with Precisionscreen

Whether you need a flexible precoat option for quarries or a mobile machine for remote job sites, Precisionscreen’s Scorpion and Precoater 3000 provide cost-effective preparation of aggregate, with solutions built specifically for Australia

With ongoing delays to machinery imports and ongoing demand for cost-effective processing of aggregate, Precisionscreen COO Jonny McMurtry says the Australia-based screening and crushing solutions manufacturer is seeing a surge of interest, particularly in the area of precoating equipment.

With a 38-year heritage manufacturing machinery from its base in Brisbane, Precisionscreen offers Australian-made screens, crushers, conveyors and precoating equipment designed to suit Australian conditions and to accommodate varying demands from different areas of the country, McMurtry explains.

“Particularly on the East Coast, the Scorpion Precoater has been of high interest recently – we’ve got a couple of units heading out over the next couple of weeks,” he says.

“There’s also a lot of interest in the Precoater 3000, which is our mobile unit. In Queensland and New South Wales we offer solutions for quarry-based precoating, which is where the Scorpion units comes in, whereas over in WA there’s more mobile precoating on the jobsites, which is where our mobile options are popular.

“The Scorpion Precoater unit is an adaptation of the Scorpion Reclaimer 804 that we build and works in conjunction with one of our three precoating conveyors. It’s almost a value add – if a customer already has a Scorpion unit working out there, they can modify it to become a Scorpion Precoater, which we’re seeing a lot of.”

Although the Scorpion product range has been an established product for over 25 years, Precisionscreen looks to continuously evolve its product offering to support customer requirements. On the Scorpion Precoater, this involves changes to the control system to a higher level of digital measurement and process control.

“The Scorpion Precoater can record the volume of liquid that’s being pumped through the system, which makes it more cost effective for the customer,” McMurtry says.

“This means they know exactly how much precoat liquid is being used, which is important especially with the current high price of diesel and emulsion. This also means they can ensure that the right volume is being used for the product as well as prevent liquid being wasted.”

It is this focus on achieving cost efficiency in operations that’s a major driver of interest in Precisionscreen’s precoating solutions, he explains, with both the Scorpion and 3000 mobile Precoater unit offering a level of flexibility to quarry owners as well as road builders on remote sites.

“Our precoat machines, whether mobile or quarry-based, are a cost-effective way for precoating aggregate, as opposed to introducing a large fixed plant,” McMurtry says.

“If a customer has a short- or medium-term contract for some precoated material, our Scorpion Precoater is a highly cost-effective way of getting that job done. It’s a compact machine, operates by itself and it’s usually run by a single operator, so it’s quite a self-sufficient machine that is easily maintained.

“The Precoater 3000 is for those needing mobile precoating, or if you’ve got multiple sites where precoating needs to be done. It’s a fully road-registered unit that has the same capabilities as the Scorpion Precoater but the added benefit of a 3,000-litre precoat tank.

“This means a customer can go to a remote site, load in the material, it will pass out any oversized stones or dust and coat the material right there on site. For a bigger option, we have the larger Precoater 6500, which has two tanks and a capacity of 6,500 litres of precoat liquid.”

For even greater support of Precisionscreen equipment in Australia, a new partnership has recently been announced with Belmara Industries in Victoria.

Based in Devon Meadows in Gippsland, Belmara Industries offers screening services for archaeology and construction as well as machinery hire.

“Belmara Industries is both a Precisionscreen customer as well as a contractor and has a number of our units, which are part of their hire fleet and their operations,” McMurtry says.

“With this new partnership it is now stocking, supporting and distributing Precisionscreen parts. So, we have our main hub and warehouse in Brisbane, but having these guys on board down in Victoria just means we can cover a larger area more quickly.”

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