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Flexible Terex site dumper chosen for high-risk utility work

A highly manoeuvrable Terex TA3.5 tip and swivel dumper is being used by contractor FRR Cinel Nominees (Vic) to move full loads quickly on high-risk electrical infrastructure construction sites while ensuring there is no disruption to power supplies.

Cinel says that pricing and completion processes need to be tightly controlled due to the state of Victoria’s highly competitive infrastructure construction market, which is where the Terex TA3.5’s compact design, speed and flexibility comes into play.

“Cinel’s civil works program is tightly controlled, requiring appropriate resources and equipment to ensure client expectations are maintained,” director Ralph Cinel says.

“Many of our construction sites are located within industrial areas and often have fairly constrained boundaries, therefore the right equipment is critical to our success.

“This machine’s power swivel capability allows the load to be rotated through 90 degrees to each side for accurate positioning of material,” Cinel adds. “It has proven ideal for back-filling trenches and working within confined sites.

“Our operators have found the TA3.5 site dumper very easy to drive and manoeuvre, as well as being super-reliable, despite the challenges of carrying full loads throughout long working days.”

FRR Cinel Nominees has contracted on civil engineering, road construction, water, sewer, and drainage reticulation projects local government and private developers in Victoria for more than 40 years.

Terex site dumpers are sold and serviced throughout Australia by the CEG Distributions network of Terex Compact Equipment dealers, including ASV Sales & Service.

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