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Fortescue haul truck powered by hydrogen

Fortescue’s protype haul truck dubbed ‘Europa’ has operated off hydrogen for the first time

Fortescue’s prototype hydrogen-powered haul truck Europa has driven on hydrogen for the first time, developed in collaboration with Liebherr Mining.

Europa is a T 264 Liebherr haul truck that contains a 1.6MWh battery (developed in-house by Fortescue), 500kW fuel cells and 380kg liquid hydrogen storage.

“Following the success of our battery electric haul truck prototype at site, we’re thrilled to now have Europa up and running on hydrogen,” Fortescue Metals CEO Dino Otranto says.

“This is a huge achievement for the team and brings us another step closer to having a fleet of zero emissions trucks at our sites by the end of this decade.”

Fortescue plans to transport Europa to its mining operations, where it will undergo further site-based testing and commissioning.

“With Europa soon moving to site, Liebherr and Fortescue have taken an important step closer to their common target of developing and building zero emission solutions for the mining industry that are both field proven and energy agnostic,” Liebherr Mining sales and marketing vice president Joerg Lukowski says.

“This success demonstrates the incredible capabilities of two Tier 1 companies working together to develop viable technologies today that can help the mining industry move towards a decarbonised future.”

Fortescue and Liebherr established its partnership in June 2022, to develop and supply zero emission mining haul trucks.

Fortescue has already started to take delivery of the first T 264 diesel electric trucks, that it says will be converted to zero emissions technology before the end of the decade.

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