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Free undercarriage inspections from Hastings Deering

Maximise your Cat machinery’s life with regular undercarriage inspections from Hastings Deering

With a machine’s undercarriage often taking the brunt of wear and tear, applying a regular maintenance schedule is imperative to avoid unplanned downtime and costly repairs.

To help Cat machinery owners better manage their machinery maintenance and get the longest lifespan possible from their undercarriages, authorised Australian dealer Hastings Deering offers a free undercarriage inspection service.

Hastings Deering customer support representative David Onn says that as up to 50 per cent of a machine’s operating costs come from maintaining and replacing parts of the undercarriage, keeping a close eye on the wear rates of the various components can lead to significant cost savings.

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“It’s about helping a customer plan and budget for future repair costs, but it’s also about highlighting any concerns that an owner might be having, so that we can make adjustments along the way,” Onn says.

“As well as physically inspecting the machine, we also talk to the customer about how they’re operating it, the conditions it’s being used in and the applications it’s used for, so that we can adjust the maintenance schedule to help the undercarriage last longer and keep the customer’s cost per hour as low as possible.

“The overall aim is to ensure that customers gain the most value, for the lowest possible cost, for the whole machine, over its entire life.”

In the next edition of Earthmovers & Excavators, on sale April 1, read the full story of what is involved in a Hastings Deering undercarriage inspection and how one long-term customer, Fechner Bros, has been benefitting from the service and maximising the life of its Cat machinery fleet.

Special offer

From April 1–June 30 Hastings Deering customers who spend $2,000 or more on an undercarriage will be entered into a draw for a Cat 301.5 excavator with a trailer. During this period, Hastings Deering is also offering 20 per cent off all General Duty Undercarriage transactions made on when code PCC_UC20 is used.

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