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Fresh approach for Rototilt tiltrotators with Norm Engineering

Bringing a new way of working to Australia, Sweden’s Rototilt tiltrotators provide flexibility of approach and ease of swapping tools

Norm Engineering provides a range of Rototilt tiltrotators that can fit machinery from one to 32 tonnes

While over 90 per cent of excavators in Sweden are used with  tiltrotators, the attachment has seen far less cut-through in Australia.

However, that sentiment is privy to change, and it’s what the team at Norm Engineering hope to do.

Norm Engineering is the licensed distributor of Swedish manufacturer Rototilt and carries the latter’s line of tiltrotators in its product range for sale across Australia and New Zealand.

“Hydraulics is in our DNA,” Rototilt area manager – market development Daniel Thomas says, who is confident that the company’s history in the hydraulic attachment market is a strong selling point for the company Down Under.

With roots dating back as far as the 1950s, the first Rototilt tiltrotator was manufactured in 1986 to better serve Sweden’s vast forestry industry.

Nowadays, Norm Engineering carries the Rototilt range throughout Australia, with products available for one-tonne machines in the case of the R1, through to Rototilt’s largest attachment, the R8, which is compatible with machines from 28–32 tonnes.

Thomas says Rototilt chose Norm Engineering to be its Australian partner given the latter’s track record in the local market.

“We are with Norm Engineering because they are very service-orientated,” he says.

“They know what they’re doing when it comes to application and it’s an opportunity to develop our product in the Australian market.

“My task is to help people understand the product. Even if they are a very good operator, we need to help them understand the product.”

This is because, while most earthmoving enterprises in Scandinavia employ tiltrotators in conjunction with their machinery, Thomas says it’s far from commonplace in Australia.

“It’s a new digging approach,” he says.

By using the Rototilt tiltrotator system, excavators are effectively transformed into flexible tool carriers, meaning operators can be afforded more functionality across a range of applications.

Machine positioning is no longer critical, giving the ability to perform any task at any point around the machine, allowing bigger machines into smaller areas with less ground disturbance and significantly increase efficiencies.

The system also boasts high performance and a longer service life than alternative tiltrotators, according to Norm Engineering.

The Rototilt tiltrotator can be fitted to machines in a variety of ways, too – either via direct mount or what Thomas describes as ‘in a sandwich’ between quick couplers to pick up and remove the bucket directly.

Rototilt’s QuickChange system technology is also available, which is a fully automatic quick coupler system developed specifically for Rototilt tiltrotators, machine couplers and tools.

Using QuickChange, operators can change the hydraulic tools without leaving the cab as there are no hose connections.

QuickChange is available for tiltrotator models R4 (10–16t) through to R8 (23–32t).

While the Rototilt may look fragile in nature compared to others on the market, the attachment itself is extremely robust.

Of note is the SecureLock system, which features a sensor on the front pin locking system. The sensor continually monitors the locking system to ensure the tiltrotator is secured before operation commences.

“From the start, our system can prevent the risk of accidents,” Thomas says.

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