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Friday video: Assembling 200-tonne Komatsu wheel loaders

The 200-tonne-class WA1200-6 wheel loader is the largest made by Komatsu, and this video shows two of them being assembled on a remote mine site in Australia’s Pilbara region.



To complete the task, Komatsu says its team from the Western Australian town of Port Hedland required the use of 100-tonne mobile cranes, elevated work platforms, forklifts, tyre handlers and various types of other high-risk equipment.

The WA1200-6 wheel loader has some impressive specs: it has an operating weight of between 216,400kg and 220,550kg, has a bucket capacity of 18-35 cubic metres, and delivers 1,765 horsepower (1,316kW) at 1800 rpm from its Komatsu-made SDA16V160E-2 diesel engine.

The loader comes with a hi-cab as standard equipment, so the operator has an unobstructed view of the bucket and the body of a 240-tonne truck from the seat, which sits 6.4m above the ground.

When equipped with a 20-cubic-metre bucket, the WA1200-6 can load a 150-tonne truck in four passes, and 200-tonners in five passes. The high lift version can load trucks of 320 tonnes.

Operator-friendly features include an Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS) — which allows steering, forward and reverse direction to be controlled by wrist and finger — super-smooth automatic transmission, pillar-less glass, low vibration and noise, and a fold-up trainer’s seat … not to forget a cupholder and lunchbox storage space.

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