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Gehl unveils Gen 2 RT tracked loaders

Loader specialist Gehl has released the next generation of its RT series tracked loaders, the GEN:2 RT175 and RT210 featuring new and improved engines and systems.

The new RT175 GEN:2 and RT210 GEN:2 radial-lift track loaders offer Tier 4-certified Yanmar diesel engines with 69.9 hp and 179 ft-lbs of peak torque on the RT175 GEN:2 and 72 hp and 217 ft-lbs of peak torque on the RT210 GEN:2.

On top of meeting engine emission regulations, the drive management system in the engines efficiently transfers engine horsepower into effective performance.

The rated operating capacity on the RT175 GEN:2 is 794 kg and on the RT210 GEN:2 is 953 kg.

On top of new engines, the second generation of RT tracked loaders also feature a patented IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensioning System. Gehl says the system eliminates manual track tensioning and increases the life of the tracks, sprockets and bearings due to the relief of track tension when the engine is shut off.

Gehl adds the system also saves the suggested 10-15 minute track tension checks that are recommended every 50 hours and the 30-45 minute tension readjustments required approximately every 300-400 hours depending on usage.

By eliminating over-tensioning and releasing track tension when the engine is turned off, track life is extended by up to 15 per cent.

Servicing is also made easy with the IdealTrax system. A switch in the rear of the machine relaxes the tension of the tracks, allowing removal in a matter of minutes with minimal tools.This allows track removal and track changes to be completed in the field.

Straight tracking is now standard on the RT175 GEN:2 and RT210 GEN:2 radial-lift track loaders, allowing the operator to make tracking adjustments to keep the machine on a straight path at all times.

A large operator’s compartment with a cab-forward design provides excellent visibility to the front, the cutting edge, and the sides of the loader.

New on the RT175 GEN:2 and RT210 GEN:2, the front of the armrests have been elevated approximately 8 degrees, adding two inches of clearance between the seat and lap bars to provide more room for the operator’s legs and thighs.

A standard mechanical or optional air-ride suspension seats deliver outstanding comfort.

The optional pressurised sealed cab enclosure – with sound reduction material and a rear-mounted air filter – provides a cleaner, quieter and climate-controlled working environment.

The new track loaders come equipped with high-powered auxiliary hydraulics. Standard hydraulic flow is rated at 18.5 gpm on the RT175 GEN:2 and 21.8 gpm on the RT210 GEN:2. High lfow is rated at 34 gpm on the RT175 GEN:2 and 35.9 gpm on the RT210 GEN:2 for optimal attachment performance.

The electronic attachment control with 14-pin connector is now a factory installed option that allows easy attachment performance and operation.

Other features on the new models include the manual Quick-a-Tach or electronic Power-a-Tach attachment systems, drive sensitivity adjustment, HydraGlide ride control cushions and Hydraloc safety system.

Find out more about the new GEN: 2 RT series  tracked loaders on Gehl’s website.

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