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Grant applications open for women in construction

The NSW government has opened grant funding applications for the second round of Women in Construction Industry Innovation Program

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The Industry Innovation Program supports a range of industry-led initiatives across the state to increase the number of women working in construction, improve workplace culture, create inclusive and safe work environments and to empower then in aiming for leadership roles.

The construction industry has a mere 12 per cent representation of women across the sector and only two per cent in trade roles – making it one of the most male-dominated industries in Australia.

“The demand for construction workers continues to be high across the state. As we continue to deliver infrastructure projects it is paramount we increase the proportion of women in construction to improve industry diversity and productivity,” NSW minister for skills, TAFE and tertiary education Steve Whan says.

Trying to increase women in the industry, year one of the program saw 21 funding recipients lead initiatives ranging from education opportunities for women entering the industry via mentoring, work experience programs and opportunity showcases and site visits for school-based students.

Initiatives also included training for established workforces, with the introduction of training to influence existing workplace behaviours to develop respectful and safe cultures on site.

“Empowering more women to choose a career in construction will lead to greater innovation, diversity, and progress, ultimately building a stronger and more inclusive future for the industry,” Whan says.

To help combat obstacles that prevent women from considering a career in construction, initiatives also included embedding flexible work practices and providing a variety of child-care support mechanisms for parents and carers.

The Industry Innovation Program is being delivered as part of the NSW government’s $20 million Women in Construction Program.

For information on how to apply for grant funding, visit

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