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Ground-Probe radars to be powered by Yanmar diesel engines

Yanmar has been selected as the official diesel engine source of Ground-Probe, an Australian company producing slope-monitoring radar systems.

The Ground-Probe slope monitoring radar evolved from an industry-funded PhD project at the University of Queensland in the 1990s. Today, Ground-Probe manufactures eight different models of its Slope Stability Radar (SSR) and the system is used on open-cut mining sites across 24 countries.

The radar system works by emitting a radar beam into the mine slope. Sensors on board the Ground-Probe units can then measure any movement within the slope down to a tenth of a millimetre. This information is vital as an early warning before a collapse or as information to support a mining site’s viability.

Because of the nature of their work, Ground-Probe radars are often needed in deep, dark pits. This limits the use of solar power as the sole power source. As the units need constant high-quality power, a bank of batteries is automatically charged on-demand by an alternator driven by a diesel engine – this is where Yanmar steps in.

The models used by Ground-Probe are the Yanmar 2TNV70 and the Yanmar TF70.

The 2TNV70 can put out 9.9kW of power at 3,600rpm. It’s a compact two-cylinder engine noted for its low fuel consumption. The engine is also water-cooled, meaning reduced noise levels.

The smaller TF70 is single-cylinder industrial engine capable of pushing out 5.2kW of power at 2400rpm. Ground-Probe says the small physical profile of the TF70 made it a logical choice.

“We chose the Yanmar TF70 as the physical size of the installation is compact and it has proven to be reliable when coupled with our system and maintenance plans,” Ground-Probe global procurement and supply manager Tony Brimble says.

“We use Yanmar engines as we know that Yanmar is a reliable and dependable brand which we can put into our Slope Stability Radars and then ship with confidence worldwide.”


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