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Grunty, green JCB excavators arrive in September

A new range of JCB heavy line excavators covering operating weights from 13 to 38 tonnes and promising improved performance from less fuel will be available in Australia from next month.

The hero of the new range is the JS220LC fitted with a JCB Ecomax T4i engine — the only engine in its class to achieve T4i emission levels without the use of a DOC/DPF filter.

“The JS220LC T4i excavator sets new precedents in the industry,” JCB Construction Equipment Australia (CEA) National Excavator Manager Deon Cope says. “It negates the use for costly, maintenance-heavy components and still delivers the performance you’ve come to expect from a JCB.”

The company has managed to cut fuel consumption by 12 percent on the JS220LC, and by up to 25 percent on the JS330 and JS360 excavators, which are using the JCB Dieselmax 672 for the first time. The savings are based on comparisons with the “externally sourced Japanese engines” used in earlier models.

“We carried out comprehensive trials that proved these machines deliver economy and reduced emissions without compromising power and productivity,” Cope says. “When compared to other brands, JCB came out on top in regards to lifting performance, fuel economy and endurance.”

In addition, Cope says, an optional new air and fuel filtration system for dusty environments provides substantial increases in air flow and dust holding capacity compared to the standard system.

“For the owner, these benefits translate to lower operating costs: not just in fuel but in maintenance of secondary controls normally associated with emission compliance, and the expensive use of high temperature low ash engine oils generally required on these engines,” he adds.

The cabin used in the new line of earthmovers has undergone significant changes, the company says, making it more quiet and comfortable, limiting external noise levels and incorporating standard features such as a large, colour smart controller display and rear view-cameras.

The display is customisable, and allows for easy selection of the power band, showing green for the most economical setting and red for the heavy power setting. It also makes provision for an optional second rear-view camera to be fitted.

JCB Tool Select, which allows the operator to match break out force to conditions, is standard on these new models. This feature matches the single direction auxiliary and hammer circuit to be set up to the requirements of the attachment, automatically adjusting the engine speed.

Also improved in the new JS200/JS220LC is the strength of the boom and dipper arm. The boom has a 22 percent increase in depth and 6 percent increase in width; while the dipper arm increases are 12 percent and 7 percent respectively. 


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