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Hammer time for Groundtec Equipment

The Rammer hammer and rock breaker range is worth the investment for durability and ongoing customer service.

The Rammer 3288E hammer

Groundtec Equipment’s range of Rammer hammers and rock breakers suits a variety of diff erent earthmoving, demolition and quarrying applications.

The hammers are manufactured in Finland using quality alloy materials and advanced componentry and are distributed by Groundtec throughout New South Wales.

The Rammer product line includes boom systems, used for clearing blockages in primary crushing on quarries and mines, as well as a range of tools for residential and commercial demolition, including grapples, steel shears, pulverisers and cutter-crushers.

At the head of the line-up is Rammer’s flagship ‘Excellence’ line, which encompasses the range of hydraulic hammers and rock breakers suitable for all rock breaking applications such as construction, excavation demolition and earthmoving.

All Excellence line models feature Rammer’s RD3 technology – the world’s first monitoring system for hydraulic hammers. The system provides detailed information such as operating hours, service intervals and precise GPS locations for the attachments.

Medium and large hammers are also manufactured with a fully enclosed housing, so operators don’t need to worry about the infiltration of dirt or dust while on site.

Rammer’s other hydraulic hammer product line – the Performance line – provides operators with an everyday solution for a variety of breaking demands. Again, hammers are available in four small hammer options and two medium and larger options.

The Performance line includes durable and productive hydraulic hammer options suitable for machines in the 0.6- to 48-tonne operating weight class. The attachments are available in many models sizing from small – for carriers between 0.6 and 15 tonnes, medium – for carriers between 10 and 32 tonnes, and large – for carriers of 26 tonnes and above.

Trusted name

Groundtec Equipment has been the NSW dealer for Rammer products for 24 years.

General manager Wolfgang Reinhard says the difference between Rammer products and other hammers on the market comes down to two things: the quality of the product, with Rammer being among the world’s most respected hammer and rock breaker brands, and the unmatched service provided by Groundtec, which sets them apart.

“The main thing is that all hammers break rock to a certain extent, but when they do break down or a chisel gets broken, we can help the customer out,” Reinhard says.

“The main thing for us is customer service. With rock hammers, you can buy cheap ones or expensive ones but, for us, the main drive for us, and why we have been doing so well, is our service. We’re there 24/7 for our clients.”

Reinhard has been part of the Groundtec team since the business started in 1998 and, across that time, has had dealings with plenty of contractors and earthmoving enterprises.

In that time, he says, the customer mindset has changed – with buyers becoming more informed about quality products such as Rammer.

Rammer products cost only 10 per cent more than other similar products on the market according to Reinhard. However, the longevity and serviceability of the Rammer brand makes it a smart investment.

“People have gotten a bit more educated, in particular younger engineers who aren’t just going with products based on price and actually looking at quality products,” he says.

“There is an economical cost benefit and not just buying something for tomorrow but taking a long-term approach.”

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