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Hatz Diesel releases two new H50 series engines

Engine maker Hatz Diesel has released two H50 series diesel engines that it claims are the smallest in the world for their power range.

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The three-cylinder, 1.5 litre 3H50TIC and its 3H50TI variant will join the four-cylinder, 2 litre 4H50 on the Australian market.

Hatz says it has taken a downsizing approach to the design of the water-cooled H50 series, aiming to reduce the size and weight of the engine while simultaneously increasing power. This has resulted in a compact engine suited to a range of applications such as powering generators, woodchippers, water pumps, construction equipment and compressor and hydraulic power packs.

“The H50 series represents a new generation of water-cooled diesel engines,” Hatz Diesel Australiamanaging director Sami Almogawish says. “They are the world’s smallest in their power range, and are up to 90kg lighter than the nearest competitor”.

The low power-to-weight ratio results in increased fuel efficiency. The 4H50 model is the most efficient of the new engines, able to manage 210 g/kWh.

The engines use a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) which eliminates the need for a diesel particulate filter.  Even without the filter, the H50 models meet strict US EPA Tier 4 emissions standards.

Hatz says it has sourced high-quality components for the H50 series. The engines feature Bosch Common Rail technology with 1800-bar injection pressure. Other Bosch parts can be found throughout the engine such as a high-pressure pump, injection controller and off-highway injectors.

Maintenance has also been streamlined with all regular maintenance points located on one side of the engine for easy access. Hatz claims the engines’ standard service interval is 500 hours.

Hatz also offers in-house customisation to make sure each engine is fit for its specific purpose and says it can fit additional equipment such as electronic control panels before delivery of the engines.


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