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Haver & Boecker launch DIY vibrating screen analysis

Haver & Boecker Australia has launched a three-year leasing program for its Pulse vibration analysis programme for mineral screening equipment.

Previously, the Pulse system required a monthly visit from a technician who would use a series of eight electronic sensors to analyse screening equipment, checking the interaction between the material and the vibrating screen to identify any problems and maximise efficiency.

A detailed report was then provided with recommendations on how to improve the screen’s performance.

With the new three-year leasing option, customers can now lease the eight sensors and a rugged tablet PC and perform basic analysis themselves.

If more expert analysis is needed then the option of receiving a detailed report on the data from Haver & Boecker is still available for a monthly fee.

The sensors are attached to key areas on the screening machine and send up to 24 channels of data to the tablet via Wi-Fi. The sensors measure the machine’s orbit, acceleration, deviations and other factors to identify inefficiencies.

As well as being used for preventative maintenance, the Pulse system can also help troubleshoot problems with vibrating screens as they arise, again keeping downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Haver & Boecker says tracking the machine’s performance via Pulse gives customers peace of mind and confidence in their day to day operations.


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