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Haver Fine-Line promises cheaper and better mineral screening

Haver Australia has updated its fine dry mineral screening machine, saying the new Fine-Line model has lower operating costs and significantly improved handling compared to the previous model.

The Fine-Line, which can be used for fine dry material from a cut point of 4mm to 0.1mm, has a modular design allowing up to three decks. It can be transported world-wide by sea container and has quick on-site installation and commissioning, Haver says.

The new machine has side maintenance doors for quicker and simpler screen cloth exchange, eliminating the need for the operator to get into the machine and reducing maintenance time.

Setting the optimum screen cloth tension has been simplified through the use of a new external  display.

Other features of the Fine-Line are reduced power consumption — it performs at just under 0.5 kW/t —and self-cleaning-screen cloth to reduce clogged particles and ensure consistent product quality.

A vibration mode guarantees a constant uniform material feeding over the complete width of the screen, while a flexible vibrating feeder reduces the installation height.

“We have paid close attention to our clients’ needs to increase profits and improve efficiencies,” Haver Australia general manager Gabriela Emanuele says. “The new Fine-Line offers an even greater opportunity to upgrade material to a higher quality product or create a saleable product from waste material.”


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