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HD Hyundai announce autonomous worksite collaboration

HD Hyundai and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are teaming up to lead the innovation of future unmanned and autonomous construction sites

HD Hyundai has announced that it is collaborating with AWS to ‘revolutionise’ the future of construction sites.

Announced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 last week, the collaboration commits to a future of autonomous and unmanned construction sites.

XiteSolution, an intermediary holding company of HD Hyundai, will work with AWS to build a connectivity platform for smart construction equipment.

Integrating next-generation construction equipment with smart functions will lead to improved reliability and productivity, says HD Hyundai, with predictions of a productivity increase of 30 to 70 per cent due to improved safety and transitioning towards unmanned operations.

“With the largest cloud provider as our partner, we can accelerate innovation towards unmanned autonomous construction sites of the future,” HD Hyundai XiteSolution CEO and president Dong-wook Lee says.

The collaboration will also allow HD Hyundai to use AWS to further refine its X-Wise Xite – an artificial intelligence powered construction site management solution.

Enhancing productivity, reliability and automation in construction processes, this solution combines data from construction equipment and sites to provide valuable insights.

HD Hyundai’s next-generation integrated construction models, developed by HD Hyundai Construction Equipment and HD Hyundai Infracore, are set to launch in 2025.

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