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Hella’s bright idea for new mine lights

Hella’s new RokLume 280N work lamps enable operators to change light colours according to the conditions

Lighting products manufacturer Hella says its new RokLume 280N Smart range of light solutions offer groundbreaking technologies for mining environments.

The company says its experience has shown that visibility in dusty and foggy conditions can be significantly improved by using green or amber light.

“With the RokLume 280N Smart, operators can change the colour accordingly,” says Hella.

“In addition, the colour temperature can be continuously adjusted from warm white to cold white. This can increase visibility in many different situations.”

The lamp is equipped with a dimming function as well as smart functions for individual light adjustment and a memory function for saving individual settings.

Different light colours can enhance visibility in dusty environments

For easy conversion, the RokLume 280N Smart has the same dimensions as the standard RokLume 280N work lamp and also has a two-pole Deutsch DT plug.

The work lamp is available in six different light distribution variants: with diffuse flood, close range, long range, pencil beam, tunnel flood (for underground mining) or with Hella’s ZeroGlare illumination offering.

The work lamp is also equipped with a lifetime function, providing advance warning before its service life expires, preventing unplanned downtime.

Hella adds that the second generation of the RokLume 280 lights will come with a new ZeroGlare reflector and improved light patterns and extended illumination variants.

High bay and floodlight options for warehouse, workshop, high mast and conveyor illumination are new to the product range. Both new work lamps are highly efficient lights and contribute to CO2 reduction in comparison to metal halide lamps, says Hella.

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