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Hercules wheel loader – a toolbox for operators

The heavy-duty Hercules HD668D wheel loader has been one of the most popular models at Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales (BMES), with the company saying it is the perfect size for most earthmoving needs

As one of its most popular wheel loader models, it’s no surprise that BMES only has limited stock left of its Hercules HD668D loader.

The Hercules distributor is encouraging its customers to get in quick before this impressive machine sells out.

This 2024 model loader is part of Hercules’ Heavy Duty range, designed for many different applications.

BMES has sold this model for customers to use in vegetation clearing, with a six-metre rake, as well as general earthworks and ripping – once fitted with hydraulic rippers.

Customers have also purchased this loader to be used for the building, repairing and cleaning of dams, which is a crucial factor in today’s environment of water management.

The heavy-duty loader boasts a 245 horsepower (182.7kW) Caterpillar nominated engine, a 21 tonne operating weight, six tonne rated load and a 4.2 cubic metre bucket capacity.

A hydraulic quick hitch also comes with the loader, allowing attachments to easily be connected and disconnected by the operator.

Sales executive Steven Ragenovich attributes the Hercules HD668D’s popularity to the way this loader can act like a toolbox for operators.

The heavy-duty loader has a six-tonne rated load. Image: BMES

Tool carrier

When purchasing the Hercules HD668D loader, customers are offered optional attachments, such as the three-pronged hydraulic rear rippers – which can be fitted in-house at BMES’ engineering shop.

Ragenovich says the hydraulic rear rippers are a heavy-duty attachment easily capable of loosening and breaking up hardened soil.

The loader itself can also have connected protective guard attachments to shield  the vital components of the loader with side protection and undercarriage plating.

“The transmission guard attachment prevents foreign objects, like rocks, from damaging the transmission, while the rear-guard protects the back of the loader – also acting as counterweight,” Ragenovich says.

Balancing the loader’s centre of gravity, Ragenovich says the rear-guard can add an extra 500kg to the rear end of the machine, giving greater stability.

To complement the Hercules HD668D, a 6m three-piece stick rake attachment can be installed for clearing vegetation and scrub. An additional cutter bar can also be fitted on request from the customer.

Capable of lifting up to six tonnes, a pallet fork attachment can be fitted onto the quick hitch to lift a variety of heavy items.

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“I’ve seen the pallet fork attachment being applied to lift 40-ft (12m) containers and cattle troughs, just to name some examples. Operators generally know what they can lift with this attachment,” Ragenovich says.

“The loader acts as a tool carrier in a way when it has all these attachments connected to it.”

Having been well received with BMES’ customers, Ragenovich describes the loader’s ‘A1 premium quality’ as a motivation to buy.

“This particular machine is one of our most popular models, customers like that its highly torqued,” he says.

“Customers have said the air conditioning is of top-notch quality and they have found the loader’s maintenance to be very easy and very accessible when being serviced.”

Customers can also be assured that when it comes to parts and technical information BMES is more than capable, through its dedicated parts and workshop divisions.

BMES promises a 2,000 hour/two-year factory warranty on the entire machine, while the engine has a 4,000 hour/four-year warranty.

For more information on BMES’ Hercules HD668D wheel loader, call (07) 3807 4333 or visit

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