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Hino Australia adds Tipper Pro trucks

The barn-door tailgate on Hino’s new Tipper Pro truck models will help them work better in tight spaces, the manufacturer says

Hino Australia has added two models to its built-to-go truck range, introducing Tipper Pro variants to both its 300 and 500 series.

The major addition is a ‘barn door’ style tailgate, plus a body lock and rope rails.

“While all Hino Tippers have an automatic release tailgate that opens when the body is raised, the Tipper Pro has the additional advantage of the ‘barn door’ side swinging gates which allows the tailgate to be split in half and locked open,” Hino Australia’s product strategy department manager Daniel Petrovski says.

“The ‘barn door’ design means less space is required around the body when the gates are being folded away, which is particularly useful in the tight areas that these vehicles often operate in.”

The body lock feature mechanically locks the body to the chassis during both loading and driving, to ensure the body does not raise unexpectedly, while the rope rails are full length and run underneath the drop sides to help with securing loads.

Hino Australia has added a Tipper Pro model to its 500 series of trucks, plus the same for the 300 series

Petrovski also says the Tipper Pro range had been introduced based on customer feedback and added the bodies were designed for the specific requirements of Australian customers.

“Passenger car, light and medium truck-licensed customers looking for the reliability of a Hino truck and quality of a Hino Genuine body now have additional tipper models to choose from,” he says.

“We expect this product to be of particular appeal given the extension of the Federal Government’s Temporary Full Expensing of the Instant Asset Write-Off until 30 June 2023.”

The 300 series Tipper Pro, which is available as a 616 standard cab that can be driven on a car licence, can haul 1.7 tonnes of payload and is only 1.9m wide.

Other variants of the 300 series are the wide and crew cabs, which offer body lengths between 3.1m and 4m and a payload up to 4.7 tonnes.

The 500 series, meanwhile, offers a six-tonne payload, 4m body length and six-speed manual transmission.

All Tipper Pro models features Hino’s SmartSafe safety package, with technological inclusions such as a reverse camera, vehicle stability control, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning system and pedestrian detection.

They are also backed by a 3-year/100,000km warranty for the 300 series and 3 year/150,000km warranty for the 500 series.

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