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Hitachi announces new regional US HQ

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas recently announced the opening of a new headquarters facility in Newnan, Georgia

The site includes 8,187 square metre of office space and 2,572 square metres dedicated to conference rooms, a ConSite command center and training space.

“In March 2022, we set out on a path to establish a more direct connection with customers. Our culture has been very much involved with listening, understanding and implementing customer feedback,” Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas CEO Al Quinn says.

“By combining the resources of the excavator, loader and mining businesses, the company has experienced a tenfold demand from previous years. The investment in a regional Americas facility helps strengthen that direct connection to the customer.”

The new headquarters will help the company focus on key growth areas, with the company expanding sales of mining excavators for construction and quarry sites in addition to mining sites. Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas is also creating operating bases for parts remanufacturing and expansion of its rental business.

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“Establishing a direct connection with customers means listening and aligning with their needs and values,” Quinn says.

“The industry has actively embraced a move toward sustainable practices, and this thoughtful consideration is reflected in the design of the new headquarters.”

The campus was initially established as a wheel loader assembly and manufacturing facility in 1987. Embracing sustainable practices, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has opted for adaptive reuse principles in the development of the existing property.

Over 7,000 square metres of greenspace was reclaimed from the site by reconfiguring the employee parking areas and eliminating buildings and concrete.

Noteworthy sustainable practices included the recycling of concrete, steel and wood already on the site. Reclaimed materials included 3,900 cubic metres of recycled concrete repurposed for roadway, fill and redistribution; 3,770 square metres of exterior metal wall panels recycled and 113 tonnes of steel frame structure reused.

In addition, 6,500 square metres of existing concrete slabs were reused, 1,500 square metres of roof purlins, and 4,550 square metres of old metal roof panels became decking for the new roof. Stairways and stair seating areas utilise 471m of reclaimed heart pine wood. Recycled plastics were used to manufacture all carpet products.

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