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Hitachi brings out the excavator big guns

Hitachi has gone big with its latest release, adding its largest standard backhoe excavator to its Australian range

Hitachi has added the EX8000-7 backhoe excavator to its range

The Japanese manufacturer Hitachi has launched the EX8000-7 excavator, which weighs in at more than 830 tonnes and has a bucket capacity between 43 and 48 cubic metres, meaning it can move 75 tonnes of dirt per bucket load.

It is available with a choice of diesel-powered engines – either a Cummins QSKTA60 or MTU12V4000 – which generates 2 x 1,944 horsepower (1,450kW) at 1,800rpm.

It is an excavator clearly designed for the big jobs but this sheer power has not come at the expense of comfort or usability.

Extensive on-board sensors, diagnostics tools and software are among the technological additions to the EX8000-7.

Electronic cylinder stroke controls are another new addition, which controls the pump flow rate and cylinder speed.

The EX8000-7 is now Hitachi’s largest backhoe excavator

By reducing the impact on the excavator’s cylinder and structures, operator comfort is improved.

Operators will also benefit from electronic joysticks, advanced air suspension seating and improved climate control.

Several safety features have also been added to the EX8000-7.

These include an on-board inclinometer, dual isolator switch as standard, improved access and ease of maintenance, engine stop switching and an emergency escape chute.

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