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Hitachi excavator assists in fairy tale theme park rebuild

Hitachi Construction Machinery worked its magic at the Efteling theme park, assisting in reconstructing the park’s large fairy tale mushrooms

A Hitachi ZX170W-5 wheeled excavator undertook an unusual task earlier this year when it was put to work at the Efteling theme park in the Netherlands, assisting with the reconstruction of a section of its fairy tale forest.

Contractor Verhagen Kaatsheuvel used the Zaxis wheeled excavator for the unique task of rebuilding the three giant mushrooms from the theme park’s Mushroom Village, which were removed from the forest at the end of April to be upgraded.

“The original mushrooms needed to be replaced to make it a little more contemporary and accessible to all children,” Efteling designer Karel Willemen says.

With brickwork on the mushroom stems completed soon after, the ZX170W-5 was used to transport the mushroom hats during the night.

The Hitachi HZX170W-5 wheeled excavator proved to be a good match for the job of carrying the huge mushroom caps – which had a diameter of 3×5 metres.

This model has an engine rated power of 122kW and a max operating weight of 19.5 tonnes.

Opening its doors in 1952, Efteling is one of the oldest and largest theme parks in the country, with millions of visitors every year.

Efteling Theme Park Resort is not limited to the fairy-tale-styled theme park, but offers overnight accommodation, events for the business market as well as its own musicals, radio and television programs.

The renovated Mushroom Village reopened at the end of the European summer.

Follow the link provided for more on the Hitachi HZX170W-5 wheeled excavator.

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