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Hitachi excavator auction – just one week left to help sick kids

There's just one week remaining to make a bid on one of the five mini excavators being auctioned by Hitachi to raise money for The Humpty Dumpty Foundation, which helps hospitals buy the equipment needed to put sick kids back together again.

The company aims to raise much needed funds through the auction, which it says will be used immediately to buy vital children’s medical equipment.

All registered bidders who place a bid during the auction period will also have the chance to win a Hitachi refrigerator or a range of Hitachi power tools.

A number of Hitachi organisations, including Hitachi Australia, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia, Hitachi Power Tools Australia and Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan —as well as Marubeni Finance and other suppliers — have combined resources to create the competition.

“The Humpty Dumpty Foundation touches more people than we know, raising money behind the scenes to purchase much needed vital children’s medical equipment for supply to hospitals nationally,” Hitachi says. “Humpty’s aim is to ensure every child has a fighting chance and the best possible medical equipment and care.”

Once the auction has ended on 20 February 2016 at 9pm, the competition will be drawn to announce first and second prizes.

All five winning bidders will be offered the opportunity to be flown to Sydney for an overnight stay to attend Humpty’s ‘Good Egg’ lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel on George St.

“It is a very special thank you lunch for those who have been great supporters in the previous year and is by invitation only with over 350 guests attending,” Humpty general manager Julia Abbott says.

“The year 2015 was our 25th year of fundraising,” she says, adding. “We have now provided medical equipment to 254 hospitals across the country.”

For more information or to place a bid,click here.


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