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Hitachi introduces new compaction equipment

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia has announced the release of its new compaction equipment range – the ZV-P series Hitachi vibratory plate compactors and ZV-R series rammers.

Hitachi says the new range of equipment has been designed to suit a number of industry applications and would answer to the needs of councils, hire and rental companies, landscapers, as well as paving, trenching and civil contractors.

The new vibratory plate compactors consists of three models (ZV40PF, ZV60PF and ZV80P) while the rammer range consists of two (ZV65R and ZV75R)

The main features of both ranges are the vibration-proof designs which aim to ease operator hand fatigue and maximise performance. The ZV-P compactor series features a triple vibration-resistant design while the ZV-R rammer series comes with a low-vibration handle.

Some other features of Hitachi’s ZV-P compactor series are safety cushions and reinforced bottom plate to deliver high compaction, durability and ease of operation.

The ZV-P series also boasts a low amplitude and high frequency to make them ideal machines for the compaction of cohesive, granular and mixed soils.

Hitachi’s ZV-R series rammers features a combination of double reinforced base plates and a safety cushion to mitigate damage to the machine, particularly in distribution hazards such as drops.

Hitachi adds operators will benefit from improved stability with this rammer range, as well as efficient manoeuvrability in confined spaces due to its compact design.

According to Hitachi, the propelling power of the ramming shoes is increased for better controllability on uneven ground, making it ideal for use in tough site conditions where environment is restricted.

A user-friendly throttle lever and an engine stop switch positioned close to the operator’s hand makes the rammers easy to operate. In addition, a steel cover offers added protection and durability for the engine.

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