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Hitachi to start Canadian production of dump trucks

Hitachi Construction Machinery plans for full-scale production of dump trucks in Canada

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. will begin full-scale production of dump trucks in fiscal year 2026, with Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing Ltd., Hitachi Construction Machinery’s wholly-owned subsidiary, currently responsible for the production and remanufacturing of dump truck maintenance and service parts.

This will establish a local production and service framework for dump trucks in the Americas market, with dump trucks being produced in Ontario.

Hitachi Construction Machinery says that by developing a local production and service framework for dump trucks, it can quickly accommodate local market needs and it hopes to accelerate independent business expansion while increasing the local procurement rate.

The Americas (North, Central & South America) account for approximately 40 per cent of the global dump trucks over 150 tons (136 tonnes) market. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group has been producing dump trucks at the Hitachinaka-Rinko Works in Hitachinaka, Japan, and exporting them. With local production of dump trucks in Canada, transportation time will be shortened.

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For dump trucks produced in Canada, mainframes, welding structures and components such as engines and radiators will be locally sourced to improve the local procurement rate. Other key components will be imported from Japan to ensure the same level of reliability as dump trucks produced in Japan.

Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing’s predecessor, Euclid-Hitachi Heavy Equipment Ltd., was acquired by Hitachi Construction Machinery in 1988. It halted the production of dump trucks in fiscal year 2018 to focus on producing service parts for delivered dump trucks and remanufacturing parts for ultra-large hydraulic excavators and dump trucks. Toward the start of full-scale production of dump trucks in fiscal year 2026, the number of staff is expected to double at the site from the current 100 to 200 employees.

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