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Hitachi Unveil New Hybrid Excavators

Hitachi has announced the release of the first of its hybrid hydraulic excavators in the Australian market.

The Hitachi ZH210-A and ZH210LC-A hybrid excavators combine both electric and diesel power in order to reduce fuel costs as well as CO2 emissions.

The excavators use a TRIAS-HX system that combines electric hybrid technology with swing momentum in order to regenerate energy. In contrast to the ZX200-3, the new hybrid excavators have three pumps and control valves instead of two.

Yusuke Kajita, General Manager of the Hitachi Construction Development Centre, says that “Technically advanced machines make Hitachi strand out from the crowd. Advanced technology is necessary to maintain our position in the market – not just for the hydraulics and engine, but also for electrical energy.”

Both of the new hybrid models have a 165hp, four cylinder diesel engine. A monitoring system is used to maintain the fuel efficiency of this motor by automatically idling when not in use. The monitoring system also has the ability to keep track of fuel usage data over time, including both hourly and daily averages.

According to a Hitachi media release, it’s estimated that running one of these hybrid models instead of the ZX200-3 will reduce CO2 emission by up to 9.7 tonnes per year. Furthermore, the excavators have the ability to enter an ‘eco-mode’ in order to reduce consumption further.  

“When fossil fuels are in short supply and become more expensive, electrical technology will be the key to the future and we will be in an excellent position to capitalise on this,” says Kajita.

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