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Hitachi unveils next-gen wheel loader

With an improve cab and a better engine, Hitachi Construction says its next-generation wheel loader puts the operator front and centre.

Hitachi says the ZW180-7 is the safest wheel loader on the market

Minimising operator fatigue, as well as engine improvements, have been prioritised in Hitachi Construction’s new next-gen wheel loader, set to arrive Down Under in the first quarter of next year.

The new ZW180-7 wheel loader by Hitachi aims to put operators in control through a range of improvements made to improve the in-cab experience while boosting cycle times and productivity of the machine.

The ZW180-7 is the smaller offering from Hitachi in its Stage-V compliant wheel loader range, boasting an operating weight of between 14.95-15.71tonnes and a bucket capacity of between 2.5 and 5.2 cubic metres.

“[It] has been carefully designed to appeal to both owners and operators. With industry-leading safety features and unrivalled comfort in the cab, operators feel in complete control of their workspace,” Hitachi says.

“Owners benefit from the new model’s exceptional efficiency and maximum uptime, as this gives them greater control over their profit as well as their fleet, thanks to remote monitoring tools and services.”

Hitachi says the ZW180-7 wheel loader features some of the lowest noise and vibration levels in the market, to better reduce operator fatigue and maximise productivity as well as safety.

With all-round visibility and intelligent systems such as the aerial angle camera system, operators can view as much as 270-degrees of their surroundings including a bird’s-eye view on the high-resolution screen.

Hitachi’s new ZW180-7 wheel loader is the smaller model from its Stage V-compliant range

A rear obstacle detection and warning system has also been added to alert operators if anything impedes on the rear of the machine.

In-cab, other considerations made by Hitachi include an improved seat with mounted electric pilot control leaver, ergonomic multifunction level, anti-slip steering wheel and a fully adjustable armrest that is 40 per cent larger than previous models.

Under the hood, the ZW180-7 is powered by a 173hp (129kW) Cummins B6.7 diesel engine, and improvements have been made to increase the torque produced resulting in easier bucket filling, faster cycle times and higher productivity.

Fuel consumption is down too, with the faster and more efficient short loading operations made capable through the approach speed control feature consumes 16 per cent less fuel. An eco-gauge is included on the machine and allows operators to monitor fuel consumption.

Another system – the auto power up function – works to boost productivity through automatic increases to the RPM used to maintain travel speed on inclines and reduce cycle times.

Hitachi Construction manager – product management Bill Drougkas says the new model has been designed with the operator in mind.

“With Hitachi ZW-7 wheel loaders, we put our customers firmly in control of their workspace, their business and their fleet,” he says.

“The new ZW180-7 offers a superior experience in the cab and exceeds expectations in terms of efficiency and performance. By working in partnership with our customers – providing industry-leading equipment, innovative technology and wide-ranging after-sales support – we can help.”

The ZW180-7 is powered by a 173hp (129kW) Cummins B6.7 diesel engine
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