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Huski skid steer loader a winner for Kaspar Hire

A recent purchase of a Huski skid steer loader from Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has proved to be a winner for plant hire company Kaspar Hire

After being in construction for more than 20 years, Paul Kasparsons decided he wanted to begin a new chapter in his life – starting his own business.

After working for large contractors, he pursued work flexibility and the freedom to spend more time with his kids and family.

Kaspar Hire

Kasparsons is the founder and director of Kaspar Hire, a business that hires out mini plant equipment.

Even though he started a business with the hope of having more flexibility, ironically, he now works seven days a week.

“I enjoy it, it’s what I want to do. It doesn’t feel like work and it’s not a chore, It’s great,” he says.

“I’ve got a little warehouse with an office and plenty of room for my gear, I’m actually really enjoying my time operating Kaspar Hire.”

Based in the south east Melbourne suburb of Lynbrook, the company predominately focuses on dry hire of plant but also offers wet hire, where an operator can be hired alongside the machine to do the work for a client.

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Operating since November last year, the company credits TMHA for supplying a Toyota Huski 4SDK4 skid steer loader – the most commonly hired piece of machinery at Kaspar Hire.

“The skid steer has been running well and has been the most popular machine in my fleet,” Kasparsons says.

The company director says that being a Toyota man helped influence his purchase.

“The Toyota brand has been with me for years. My first vehicle was a LandCruiser and I’ve had Toyotas throughout my whole working career,” Kasparsons says.

“I hadn’t used Huski in the past, but I remembered the Toyota brand and I read a few reviews, saw a few little clips on YouTube and decided to go with it.”

Small and nimble

Kasparsons attributes the Huski skid steer loader’s popularity to its versatility, for working in tight spaces, as well as its ease of transportation.

“I think a lot of people see it advertised and they just feel that they can actually operate it. It’s small enough to be to be nimble and people feel comfortable controlling it,” he says.

With a height of 1.8m and a width of 900mm, the compact size makes it easily transportable on a trailer, so clients can take it away and bring it back with no issues.

“I wanted a machine that was small because that’s what my business model is based off – mini plant hire and tight access,” Kasparsons says.

The small and compact nature of the Huski 4SDK4 does not limit its capabilities however, as it can handle a 320kg operating load.

The small and compact nature of the machine allows it to be easily transported. Image: Kaspar Hire


With its compact size providing ease of access to properties, Kaspar Hire has seen its clients use the Huski skid steer loader for moving material from the front yard to the back of a house for example – saving on manual labour.

Kasparsons says the Huski machine has thrived when moving general soil, mulch and crushed rock.

“Just recently, I was actually using it to dig in a backyard and, because the bucket has got teeth on it, I was able to really get in there and I had plenty of torque to actually dig it out. It performed really well,” he says.

“I moved all that dirt out to the front yard and then brought in a whole lot of topsoil.

“Most of our clients use it for topsoiling, crushed rock and mulching. Occasionally people have used it to do some clean-ups in yards – filling up mini skips because it’s got the range to reach over the side.”

TMHA service

Kasparsons says the relationship with TMHA has been highly positive, with the manufacturer offering easy service and genuine care for the machine.

“Communication has been great, I’ve only had the machine for a couple of months now and we had our first 50-hour service a while ago. The service was good with no issues at all,” he says.

Looking to the future, he says if there was a new machine to be purchased it would be another Huski skid steer from TMHA.

“It’s been our most popular machine, so I’d be looking at purchasing another one,” he says.

For more information on the Huski 4SDK4 skid steer loader, visit or call 1800 425 438.

To reach Kaspar Hire visit

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