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Hydraulic Steels’ expansion and new cutting machine

Hydraulic Steels is investing in providing the best customer service possible, with a larger warehouse in Melbourne and a new cutting machine in Brisbane making the supply of hydraulic steel bars faster than ever

Hydraulic Steels, which offers Australia’s largest range of hydraulic steel bars, is now providing its customers with even more options after expanding its Melbourne warehouse.

Based in Dandenong South, Hydraulic Steels managing director Stephen Holt says the expansion is great news for new and existing customers across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, with a bigger range of steel bars now on offer.

“We purchased a building next door to our current site on Swift Way to provide additional warehouse storage to support our main Victorian operations,” he explains.

“Our total floor area in Victoria is now 1,200 square metres, which is in addition to our 4,500 square metres of warehouse space in Brisbane.”

Holt says demand for a wider range of products prompted this investment, as did Hydraulic Steel’s core focus on providing high level customer support.

“As part of our commitment to same or next-day dispatch and fast delivery turnaround, the expansion of our Victorian operations allows us to stock a greater range and shorten turnaround times for our clients down south,” he says.

“With 1,400 customers around Australia and new enquiries every day, Hydraulic Steels is now better positioned to service our clients, especially in the Tasmanian and South Australian markets.”

Swift dispatch

Upgraded warehouse technology and an online customer portal and ordering system is also providing easy access to all of Hydraulic Steels’ stock.

“We have full visibility from Head Office in Brisbane, of orders being processed out of Victoria and full traceability of every order right down to delivery to our customers’ doors,” Holt says.

“Our scanning guns are equipped with cutting-edge tech that prompts our team to take a photo of each order before and after packaging to ensure quality and peace of mind for our clients.

“A big part of our quality management system is also being able to track and provide materials certificates to our customers with ease. A QR code is printed on the shipping label so our clients can scan it via their phone to easily access the order details, product specifications and material certificates.”

Hydraulic Steels provides the widest offering of hydraulic steel bars in Australia. Image: Hydraulic Steels

Custom cutting

Hydraulic Steels also provides a custom steel bar cutting service that allows its customers to order the size of steel bar they need for a specific job.

“We offer a same or next-day service from the time an order is received,” Holt says.

“If a customer makes their order in by 1pm, we always aim to have it processed and ready for transport or pick up that afternoon.

“We recently invested in some new cutting technology for our Brisbane operations – the P150 cutting machine. Now that it’s up and running we’re pretty excited to see this machine contributing to increased efficiency in our cutting operations.”

Holt says that cutting a single steel bar on an older bandsaw would take up to four minutes, whereas the P150 can cut a diameter up to 150mm within seconds, leading to a significant increase in productivity.

“There are many electrical and hydraulic features that increase speed, accuracy of cutting and safety for our team with the new machine, including an automated bar feeder,” he says.

“This equipment allows us to pre-load the bar into a feeder to reduce workload on our team and increase efficiencies, compared to manually loading each bar into a bandsaw one at a time.

“The P150 was crucial to allowing us to keep up with our growth and demand from our customers, uphold our motto of service and speed of delivery, as well as adding value for clients by maintaining our competitive edge.”

The new P150 cutting machine allows Hydraulic Steels to provide even faster cutting and delivery of steel bar for customers. Image: Hydraulic Steels

1045 Chrome Bar

Hydraulic Steels says the 1045 Chrome Bar has been a key product in its offering for customers manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, with the bar formed of high quality European medium tensile carbon steel supplied with a chrome finish.

“We have recently increased our range in Victoria, carrying a huge stock of imperial and metric sizes from 0.5-inch (12.7mm) right up to 6-inch (152.40mm) bars available for same day ordering and cutting, and immediate despatch out of our Victoria branch,” Holt says.

“Offering a larger size range in Victoria will allow us to keep up with demand from machine shops and engineering companies focused on hydraulic cylinder repair in the southern states. We’re now carrying Australia’s largest range of 1045 Chrome Bar in the hydraulic supply market.”

He says that Europe has a strong reputation for the quality and straightness of its steel.

“Our 1045 Chrome Bar is a widely popular choice as this high quality carbon steel is extremely smooth on the surface, providing excellent wear and corrosion resistance,” he says.

“The base material underneath offers good strength and impact properties, plus good machinability and weldability. This makes it suited to a wide range of applications, such as: agricultural equipment, compressors, earthmoving equipment, food processing, transport lifting, hoists, machine tools, mining and waste disposal transport.

“Another flagship brand we carry is Ovako’s Cromax and NiKrom 500 nickel-chrome plated steel. It has higher tensile mechanical properties that make it well suited to heavy duty applications in the Australian landscape,” Holt says.

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