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Video review: Hydrema 912ES compact dump truck

Reviewer Evarn Covich recently headed to a subdivision site on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to put the German-made Hydrema 912ES compact articulated dump truck through its paces.

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“Having done subdivision work in the past I’ve used a lot of dump trucks to move spoil around the sites and this definitely goes a long way to doing it more efficiently and easily without cutting all your ground up,” Evarn says of the truck, which weighs in at 7.5 tonnes and has a 5.6-cubic-metre tipping body which can hande a 10-tonne payload.

The Hydrema 912ES handled the site’s pretty steep gradients well, Evarn says, and its low ground pressure meant  that it was possible to use it over the top of pipework where you couldn’t use any other machine for fear of breaking the pipes.

It’s a great littler truck, so check out the video above, and read Evarn’s full review here.

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Video: Nic Leggatt

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