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Hyster adds 5-7 tonne forklifts to its fleet

Improved productivity and operator comfort are among the key features of Hyster’s new range of UT series forklifts.

The new Hyster UT Series 5-7t forklifts feature a full suspension seat with operator presence system as standard and a low step height for easy access

The five, six and seven-tonne UT models join Hyster’s range of material handling forklifts and follow on from the recent launch of its 4-5 tonne models.

The H5.0-7.0 UT forklifts boast additional lifting capacity for loading and unloading tasks involving heavier goods and have seen several improvements made to boost productivity.

A full suspension seat, which includes an operator presence system as standard, provides comfort for operators immediately, while a low step height with convenient step placement provides easy access to the machine.

The units also have a small 300mm steering wheel, complete with eight degrees of adjustment to suit a range of operators, and allow for increased manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

Designers have also modified the wide mast view and operator’s forward view in a bid to improve visibility, safety and productivity.

Other comfort-centric features of the UT models include a high strength overhead guard which has been manufactured from profiled steel.

Hyster spokesperson Mark Chaffey says the new forklifts were designed to fulfill most material handling needs while focusing on safety and productivity.

“With the new forklifts, Hyster designers and engineers literally put themselves in the driver’s seat,” he says.

“For drivers to be productive and safe, they need to be confident in their equipment – and the equipment has to be designed to respond to diverse site conditions, with the features that global experience tells us are the driver’s choice.” says Chaffey.

“The result was a robust and quality engineered forklift, designed to be the ideal solution to meet less frequent material handling needs, while still offering the outstanding performance and service backup that Hyster is known for globally.

“Whether it’s loading or unloading a truck, or moving goods in a retail application, the new UT Series 5-7t forklifts provide the comfort to maximide productivity, efficiency and safety,” Chaffey adds.

“Another major focus for the new forklift range is low total cost of ownership, with a large range of spare parts that are interchangeable across the broader UT Series, and large access areas for easy servicing.”

Hyster says the new range will be available through its dealer and service network which extends across Asia-Pacific and includes the Australian and New Zealand market.

Local service, spare parts availability and quick response times are also available through the authorised network.

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