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Hyundai warranty extended

Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia has increased its standard warranty terms across all machines excluding the R800 and R1200 excavators.

All wheel loaders and R140-9 to R520-9 excavators will now have a three year, 6000 hour warranty while the R16-9 to R80-9 mini excavators and skid steers will have a three year, 3000 hour warranty.

After Sales Manager Shayne Keyes says Hyundai is leading the industry in terms of supporting its customers.

“Other manufacturers provide extended warranties but often there is fine print or conditions that make it difficult for customers to get the support they need under warranty,” he says.

“Hyundai’s new warranty is standard across the range and is a full factory warranty.”

“The reason we can offer such a generous warranty with such confidence is because of the quality and reliability of the machines.”

Hyundai says its Australian representatives are regularly invited to meet with the equipment designers in Korea to provide feedback on how to develop machines that can cope with the harsh Australian conditions.

“Hyundai as a brand is extremely proactive and dedicated to making equipment that gets better and better all the time. They want to be number one in both quality and in customer service,” Keyes says.

“We can give really valuable feedback to the designers about how to make sure machines don’t fail due to our unique conditions with harsh summers and cold winters as well as massive physical distances between work sites.”

The company also guarantees quick turnaround of five business days for above 99 per cent of machinery parts when needed given its global policy to support product with parts. This means spending money to also stock parts that are rarely needed.

“40 per cent of the parts kept in stock are just there for insurance, meaning they are rarely used, but we have them there just in case a customer needs them,” Keyes says.

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